A sauce with black olives, anchovy fillets, capers and olive oil. It is also possible to use green olives. Tapenade can be enjoyed on canapés for an apéritif, or can be used as stuffing for poultry.

recette tapenade

200 g of big black olives, stoned - 100 g of anchovy fillets in oil - 2 tablespoons of capers - 2 cups of olive oil - 1 tablespoon of lemon juice - black pepper

Put through a fine food mill or place in the mixer the ingredients in the following order: the olives, the anchovies and the capers until you obtain a purée. Then mix all the ingredients in a mortar, add some pepper, and gradually incorporate the olive oil, poured it in a thin stream. Whisk up as you would a mayonnaise. Add the lemon juice and season with more pepper. Mix well.
The tapenade must be thick. It can be kept in a sealed jar.

Aïoli - Anchoïade - Bouillabaisse - Caviar d'aubergines - Daube provençale - Fish fumet - Oreillettes - Merveilles - Pieds et paquets - Pipérade with peppers - Pompe à l'huile - Ragoût de pois gourmands - Ratatouille - Rouille - Soupe au Pistou - Fish soup - Tapenade

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