Oreillettes or Merveilles

These are very sweet-tasting small doughnuts (made with lemon and orange zests, orange blossom) and are a traditional Provençal dish, generally prepared for Mardi Gras. Oreillettes or merveilles are excellent when eaten warm on the day they are made but are even more exquisite the following day!

recette oreillettes merveilles

500 g of flour - 50 g of powder sugar - half a bag (approx. 1 teaspoon) of baking powder - 3 eggs - 1 lemon zest - 1 orange zest - one generous tablespoon of orange-blossom water - 50 g of butter - cooking oil - icing sugar

Grate the lemon and orange zests. In a salad bowl, mix in the flour with the baking powder. Form a well in the centre of the flour and add: the zests, a pinch of salt, 50 g of softened butter, the powder sugar, a generous tablespoon of orange-blossom water and the three eggs, beaten into an omelette.
Knead the mixture, with hardly any water, and let it rest for two hours. Take some pieces of the dough and roll them out very thinly with a rolling pin before cutting them in to diamond shapes.
Pour some cooking oil into a pan, heat it without letting it smoke and cook the dough on both sides, one or two diamonds at a time, before draining them on paper towels.
Sprinkle with icing sugar and... bon appétit!

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