Wines, olive, truffles, lavender, aromatics plants …

  • domaine vinicole

    The Old Oil Mill

    Olive oil, Marseille soap …
    Come to discover this unique heritage in France which extends on a floor area of 350 m². You will be in contact with two old oil mills of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, an eighteenth century …
  • domaine vinicole

    Domaine Font Sarade

    Viticultural Domaine
    Our most important resource is our land: the diversity of our terroir is paramount. Location, microclimate and excellent grapes are what make the terroir of Le Domaine Font Sarade so special.
  • vin et huile d'olives château juvenal

    Château Juvenal

    Wine and olive oil
    Placed on the southern slope of Graveyron, small hill in Comtat Venaissin in Provence, which is is a clay and limestone gravel soil enjoying maximum sunshine.
  • ferme de l'ayguemarse

    Ferme de l'Ayguemarse

    Sale of farm produce
    Apricots, cherries, grapes in season. olives, tapenade, olive oil AOC Nyons, jams and herbal teas… All year round.
  • vin, olives, fruit au domaine rocheville

    Domaine Rocheville

    Wine, olive, fruits
    The majority of the products are labelled with that most prestigious of French distinctions : ‘l'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC)’.
  • producteurs de petit épeautre

    Producers of Petit Epeautre of High Provence

    Petit épeautre
    A traditional cultivation of High-Provence, a savour remained unchanged since more than 10 000 years.
  • honey house

    Honey house

    I make and transhume the hives regularly in order to provide a variety of fragrances and flavours.


Domaine des Bridoux
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Locations de vacances, Table d'hôtes
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