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During your stay in Provence, you will not have time to get bored. Whether you are staying in a guest house, a campsite, a gte, a hotel, a holiday village or a holiday rental, the activities and leisure activities in Provence, suitable for the whole family, are numerous.

Staying in Provence is also the possibility of practicing several sports activities, without forgetting what the Provencal people like to do best to meet around a good table "after the effort the comfort"! From the bouillabaisse recipe to that of the pesto soup, through the addresses of the best restaurants in the region, cooking workshops, gastronomic weekends and wine tastings, culinary activities in Provence will be on the menu. you!

For the more athletic among you, arm yourself with your best hiking boots, you can go to the highest points of Provence and get the most beautiful points of view. In the heart of nature, you can practice many other leisure activities in Provence, suitable for the whole family, such as horse riding, golf, tennis, quad biking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, of the via ferrata, etc.

For your relaxation and well-being weekends, many establishments offering fitness, spa, cures and massages in Provence. Take advantage of many activities in Provence which will be directly linked to your inner well-being, your comfort and your relaxation. As a couple, with friends or with family, during these stays, your activities in Provence will be calm and relaxing. Come away relaxed from the practice of well-being leisure activities in Provence.

In the town centers of villages and towns, you can go and meet artisans, indulge in idleness on restaurant terraces, go shopping in the shopping streets or participate in an activity typical of the region.

And finally, some establishments offer creative leisure activities in Provence. Thus, when booking a cottage, a guest house or a hotel room, take part in various activities in Provence such as painting workshops, botany courses, groups to learn pottery. and many others.

The activities and leisures in Provence, to practice alone, in couple or in family are numerous and diversified. Thus, you will not have time to get bored during your stay in our region. Organize a stay in your image by embellishing it with activities and leisure activities typical of Provence.

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