Soupe au Pistou

A typical Provençal traditional soup, integrating diced vegetables and the pistou which is to be added at the last moment. Pistou is a sauce made with garlic, basilic and olive oil. It is especially popular during the summer months, as during that season white beans and basil are in plentiful supply and available in all of our Provençal markets.

recette soupe pistou

Soup: 200 g of lean lightly salted bacon - 200 g of fresh white beans - 200 g of kidney beans or cocos roses (fresh if possible) - 200 g of mangetout beans - 1 carrot - 2 courgettes - 2 potatoes
Pistou: 1 basil foot - 1 large tomato - 4 cloves of garlic - olive oil - salt - pepper

Shell the beans, peel the potatoes, courgettes and carrots, cut off the ends and any strings from the mangetout beans and rinse everything under running water. Dice the potatoes, the carrots and the mangetout beans.
Rinse the bacon in fresh running water and place in a pan with three litres of water. Bring to the boil, and add the white beans, the kidney beans and the carrot. Cover and let cook for 45 mn.
Then add the mangetout beans, the courgettes and the potatoes. Cook for a further 20 minutes (you can choose to add 80 g of cut-up spaghetti or coquillettes, 10 mn before the end of the cooking).

Crush the peeled cloves of garlic with the basil leaves in a mortar. Peel and seed the tomato (plunge it beforehand into boiling water to make the peeling process easier) and beat that in to the mix with the pestle.
Then make the mix rise by stirring slowly as you trickle the olive oil into it until the pistou sauce is nice and thick.
Once the soup is ready, pour in the pistou sauce and mix it in. In Provence, this soup is served with 3 grated cheeses - Gruyère, mature Edam and Parmesan.

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