6 km from Saint May and from Sahune, 9 km from Rémuzat, 11 km from Montréal les Sources, 15 km from Cornillon sur l'Oule, 21 km from Nyons, 31 km from Buis les Baronnies, 38 km from Vaison la romaine
Altitude : 89 m
Population: 680

A small village in Drôme Provençale, part of the canton of Rémuzat through which runs the river Aigue. Villeperdrix has retained all the charm of yesteryear with its typically Provençal-style stone houses. In the village you will find a farm inn, a gîte with stables and a boutique offering regional produce such as lavender, floral compositions, essential oils… 

What to see, what to visit : the ancient refurbished church (seventeenth century), the ruins of the priory, the remains of the medieval village's ramparts. Léoux : where a castrum (ancient Roman fortification) used to stand.
Available activities :
walks and hikes.

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