3 km from Montréal-les-Sources, 6 km from Cornillon-sur-l'Oule, 9 km from la Motte-Chalancon, 10 km from Sainte-Jalle, 26 km from Valréas
Altitude : 520 m
Population: 50

A small village perched atop a rock looking out over the gorges and the river Eygues, on the slopes of the Coucou mountain. Originally named Saint-Mary, a name derived from Saint Marius, the first abbot of the Bodon Abbey, which was founded in the fifth century and built on the rock of Saint-Laurent, 2 km from the village. The Abbey was destroyed during the Wars of Religion and nowadays its memory is preserved through a chapel dedicated to Saint Marius. As you meander through its narrow streets with their many floral decorations, you can admire its old stone houses so typical of Provence. A climb up the steps leading to the cemetery at the top of the rock is well worth the effort for the entrancing panoramic views you will enjoy from there.

What to see, what to visit : the ruins of the Abbey of Bodon (cloister portico, columns, Gothic style windows, sculptures). The chapel of Saint-Marius built during the seventeenth century, incorporating the ruined refectory. Rustic church. Fountain of Saint-May. The Gorges de l'Eygues, a narrow and winding mountain pass.
Available activities : walks, fishing.

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