La Motte-Chalancon

3,5 km from Cornillon sur l'Oule, 8 km from Cornillac, 9 km from Rémuzat, 11 km from Villeperdrix, 21 km from Sahune, 27 km from Montréal les Sources
Altitude : 550 m
Population: 462

Between Diois and Les Baronnies, in the Oule valley, La Motte-Chalancon is a small medieval village in Drôme Provençale. Perched atop a hill, it is surrounded by mountains, some of which culminate at over 1500m above sea level. The village features numerous cobblestone streets ('calades') and vaulted passages around its ancient fortress. The narrow flowered streets are interspersed with stone fountains and washhouses, whilst, from the very top of the village, by the village church, there are superb panoramic views to be admired.

What to see, what to visit : the calades, the Maison Urtin, the seventeenth-century church, with its choir dating back to the seventeenth century (rebuilt in 1962), the ruins of the ancient village and of the castle at the area known as 'La Motte-Vieille', the priory of Notre Dame-de-la-Visitation, the priory of Saint François-Régis, the temple.
Available activities : walking and horse riding, mountain biking, cyclo-touring, fishing, swimming (at the water reservoir of the Plan d'eau du Pas des Ondes), caving.

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