3,5 km from La Motte Chalancon, 4,5 km from Cornillac, 6 km from Rémuzat, 10 km from Montréal-les-Sources, 15 km from Villeperdrix, 31 km from Valréas, 33 km from Nyons.
Altitude : 547 m
Population: 71

A small Provençal village set between Le Diois and Les Baronnies, built on the sides of a hill dominating the lake of Cornillon and the valley of l'Oule. Above it are the ruins of a medieval fortress which was further strengthened during the course of the sixteenth century. Amongst its features are a twelfth century dungeon.

What  to see, what to visit : a country church, the Romanesque chapel of Saint-Vincent, the wild mountain pass of the Oule, the castle's ruins and the Pas des Ondes, featuring waterfalls, a cave and two artificial water basins.
Available activities :
walks, fishing, swimming at the Pas des Ondes.

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