5 km from Montréal les Sources, 8 km from Sainte Jalle, 12 km from Rémuzat, 16 km from Nyons, 26 km from Buis les Baronnies
Altitude : 361 m
Population: 302

A small village in Drôme Provençale, Sahune forms part of the canton of Rémuzat . Snugly ensconced in a dip, surrounded by rocky hills, the territory of Sahune is blessed with a rich, fertile soil and is ideal for agricultural use. Two rivers – the Aigue and the Ennuye run through it. In the ancient village, deserted since the nineteenth century, you can still see the remains of cobblers' workshops, a parochial church and the ruins of the feudal castle and its chapel. You will feel you have travelled back in time as you wander through these old streets.

What to see, what to visit : the church of the old village, rebuilt in 1667, the chapel of Saint-Jean (originally Romanesque), the nineteenth century church, the ruins of the feudal castle and its chapel.
Activities available : walking, swimming, fishing.

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