5 km from Taulignan, 10 km from Salles-sous-Bois, Dieulefit, 11 km from Grignan, 12 km from Grillon, Vinsobres
Altitude : 497 m
Population: 321

A delightful small village surrounded by lavender fields and vineyards. The main body of water flowing through it is the river Le Lez. Numerous remains point to its medieval roots: there are the ruins of the fortified village and of the castle of La Vialle, the priory, the church Saint-Blaise (eleventh century) as well as the castle of Pontaujard which guarded the crossing of Le Lez.

What to see, what to visit: the medieval stronghold on the bridge over Le Lez (Pontaujard), the remains of the fortified wall surrounding the village (La Vialle).
Recommended activities : walking circuits.

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