grignan, castel, marquise de sévigné
9 km from Valaurie, 7 km de Taulignan

Altitude: 198
Population: 1368

Grignan is a charming village in Drome Provencale. Built on a small, rocky hill around a listed castle that was developed in the Renaissance but first built in the twelfth century – and which is also open to visitors – the village is close to the 'Papal enclave', the Nyonsais and the Route des Vins. The celebrated Marquise de Sévigné, a seventeenth-century letter writer, used to come to the area to visit her daughter, Madame de Grignan, who lived in the castle.
towel, grignan
castel, grignan
tower, grignan

What to see and visit: the castle, the sixteenth-century Sévigné tower alongside the castle's terrace, which contains the tomb of the Marquise de Sévigné; the cemetery and the Saint-Vincent chapel, which includes Grignan's oldest monument, dating back to the eleventh century; the belfry; wash houses; the museum; the botanical trail, including the ancient roses that line the village’s ramparts; the Sévigné Garden; the 'buxus maze' alongside the path leading to the cave (which is open to visitors free of charge).
Recommended activities:
walking, horse riding, fishing - routes run through the surrounding countryside.

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