village de grillon

4 km from Chamaret, 4,5 km from Richerenches, 5 km from Valréas, 4 km from Grignan

Altitude : 201 m
Population : 1746

Grillon, set on the historical northern limit of the Papal states, is one of the four communes which make up l'Enclave des Papes. This village offers everything which makes the unique charm of Provence : a dry and sun-drenched climate, superb aromas embalming the air, lavender fields, orchards… A true haven of peace.

ruin of castel grillon
lane, grillon
grillon enclave des papes
What to see, what to visit : the Vialle district, the ramparts, the clock tower, the belfry and its bell tower, the three-arched house, the baker's house, the Milon house, the church of Sainte-Agathe, the Place de la Bourgade. There is a historic signed trail with nine explanatory boards, starting from the church of Sainte-Agathe, which will assist you in thoroughly exploring the village.
Available activities :
walks, mountain and hybrid bike circuits, cyclo touring, itineraries leading to Richerenches, Valréas and Visan.
grillon village of provence
ruin of castel grillon in provence


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