37 km from Montélimar, 7 km from Valréas, 23 km from Vaison-la-Romaine, 19 km from Bollène, 4,5 km from Grillon.
Altitude : 115 à 174 m
Population: 691

A delightful small village, Richerenches plays host to one of the oldest and most important commanderies of the Templars of Provence (twelfth century). It was founded by Arnaud de Bedos, a Templar brother, who came to Provence looking for both new recruits and land. Richerenches was acquired from Hugues de Bolboton. The Order of the Templars erected a fortified farm here as well as a chapel, which was completed in 1138.

What to see, what to visit : the belfry, the ramparts, the rue des Templiers, the Commanderie itself, the Maison des Notaires, the church, the chapel Notre-Dame de Bon Rencontre, the chapel Saint-Alban.
Recommended activities : Mountain biking, Fun Parc Aventure (laserball, quads, kart cross)

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