9 km from Valréas, 4 km from Grignan, 4 km from Grillon, 23 km from Pierrelatte, 18 km from Bollène
Altitude : 135 à 264 m
Population: 532

An ancient medieval village of the Drôme Provençale dominated by the spectacular remains of a 33m-high feudal dungeon. From there, you will enjoy superb panoramic views over the surrounding countryside, with its multitude of vineyards and lavender fields, interspersed with the different villages around it. The 'Bories trail' will take you back into the past as you discover these fabulous old buildings made of dry stone, as well as a lime kiln and a Roman oppidum… truly an unmissable site!

What to see, what to visit: the chapel Saint-Barthélémy, the dungeon of the feudal castle (twelfth century), the Romanesque church which has been modified over the centuries, the iron-age settlements. Prehistoric remains, two settlements, the remains of Gallo-Roman villas)
Recommended activities: walking, riding or mountain-bike circuits, walking, riding or mountain-bike circuits.

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