6 km from Saint Etienne du Grès, 9 km from Le Paradou, 10 km from Baux de Provence, Arles, Tarascon, 12 km from Fourques, Beaucaire, 15 km from Saint Martin de Crau, Saint Rémy de Provence
Altitude : 20 m
Population: 3513

Fontvieille is synonymous with Provence and the singing of the cicadas and rich olive oil. Its quarries are renowned worldwide, with its stones used for major constructions the planet over. Of course, Fontvieille is also famed for being the adopted country of Alphonse Daudet, the author of Lettres de mon moulin. A trail dedicated to the poet will guide you first to the eponymous mill, and then to the museum, taking you through the garrigue and past thick bushes of Provence broom until you arrive at the château de Montauban.

What to see, what to visit: the château de Montauban, from the early 19th century, which played host to Alphonse Daudet, the windmills: the mill of Daudet (18th century), but also of Ramet, Sourdon, Tissot; nine ancient olive presses; the remains of the chapel of Saint-Victor (9th century). Arles and the Camargue, the Baux de Provence, the castle of Tarascon…
Recommended activities: walking and cycling circuits, mountain biking, fishing, swimming…

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