4 km from Espeluche, 8 km from Montélimar, Montjoyer, 9 km from Réauville, 11 km from la Bâtie-Rolland
Altitude : 150 m
Population: 1438

A village which is part of the canton of Montélimar, located on the ancient via Domitia. You will marvel at the impressive ruins of the ancient perched village – fortifications, calades, fountain, oven, ruins of the castle, which was erected by the Adhémars between the end of the eleventh and the beginning of the twelfth century when they made the village a stronghold, and the dungeon.

To see, to visit : the mediaeval castle redesigned in the nineteenth century, the castle Bizard, the nineteenth century church.
Recommended activities : walks, swimming, fishing.

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