8,5 km from Valaurie, 11 km from Grignan, 19 km from Valréas, 20 km from Montélimar
Altitude : 350 m
Population: 224

The village developed over the course of the twelfth and thirteenth century, following its foundation by the Cistercian monks from Aiguebelle. The abbey still houses around thirty Cistercian monks to this day, and has retained the majority of its medieval buildings. You can also admire a remarkable ancient gate from the ramparts.

What to see, what to visit : the abbey of Aiguebelle (with a boutique offering regional and cloistral products, a video show depicting life in the abbey, and an exhibition room), the remnants of a Roman watch tower, the remains of the ramparts, with notably a vaulted street and a Gothic fortified gate; the fountain.
Recommended activities : walks.

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