4 km from Puygiron, Allan, 5 km from Montjoyer, 8 km from Réauville, 10 km from Montélimar
Altitude : 160 m
Population: 752

An authentic village in the south of the Drôme, surrounded by hills and with the Jabron river running through it. As you meander through its narrow streets, you can admire a medieval quadrangular tower in the very heart of the village, as well as the remains of the listed Banc du Seigneur (the Lord's bench), as well as a multitude of architectural points of interest (façades, doors, windows...).

To see, to visit : the Place de la Fontaine, the main square featuring a fountain, the Banc du Seigneur, the redesigned castle of Lalo, the castle of Saint-Romain and Colomberas, the chapel Notre-Dame-et-Sainte-Anne-de-Montceau (sixteenth century).
Recommended activities: walks, aqua centre.

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