La Bâtie-Rolland

2 km from Puygiron, 6 from d' Espeluche, 9 km from Montjoyer, 10 km from Marsanne, 10 km from Montélimar, 23 km from Pierrelatte
Altitude : 170 m
Population: 814

An ancient fortified village dominated by its twelfth-century castle, which is now in ruins. Built around a hill located in the centre of La Valdaine, the rivers le Roubion, le Vermenon and le Jabron flow through it.

What to see, what to visit: The listed chapel Saint-Andéol (twelfth century – Provençal/Romanesque style), the ruins of the church Saint-Roch (twelfth century), the castle's ancient chapel, the ruins of the fortified castle from the twelfth century.
Recommended activities: Walking, swimming.

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