4 km from Rémuzat, 5 km from Verclause, 18 km from Saint May, 20 km from Cornillon sur l'Oule, 24 km from La Motte Chalancon, 38 km from Valréas
Altitude : 704 m
Population: 534

A Provençal village perched atop a hill in an unspoilt valley lying between Drôme Provençale and the High Alps, in the heart of Les Baronnies. Rosans is dominated by its imposing square tower, built in the thirteenth century and known as the Saracen tower. Listed as a historical monument, it is built out of huge stones carved into diamond shapes. As you meander through its narrow streets, you will delight in a village which has retained its medieval feel, with its ancient shop signs reminiscent of the community's rich past. With two rivers – the Aigue and the Lidane – running through the village, it is an ideal place for trout fishing enthusiasts!

What to see, what to visit : the ramparts and the fourteenth century ogival gate, the square tower (thirteenth century), the castle (fifteenth century), the church of Saint-Jacques (nineteenth century), the Protestant temple (nineteenth century), the Écomusée…
Available activities : trout fishing, swimming, walks, mountain biking, cyclo touring.

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