4 km from Montbrison-sur-Lez, 6 km from Taulignan, 7 km from Dieulefit, 11 km from Salles-sous-Bois
Altitude : 350 m
Population: 371

A small village surrounded by lavender fields, orchards and vineyards. Located in the high valley of Le Lez, in the Pays de Dieulefit, it is set at the foot of the Montagne de la Lance (1,338 m). It boasts an impressive heritage of historical buildings, proud reminders of its prosperous past.

ATo see, to visit : the ancient village of Béconne (rampart, tower, dungeon, town houses...) dating back to the thirteenth century. The chapel Notre-Dame de Béconne (fourteenth century), the chapel of Blacon, the Saracen grottoes (archaeological digs – vast areas protected by overhead rocks), the chapel of La Roche-Saint-Secret, the castle of Alençon (fifteenth century).
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