6 km from Allemagne en Provence, 7 km from Saint Martin de Brômes, 12 km from La Verdière, 13 km from Gréoux les Bains, 16 km from Varages, Riez, Ginasservis, 17 km from Tavernes
Altitude : 386 m
Population: 314

A perched village at the confines of the lower Gorges du Verdon, it dominates the lac d’Esparron (which covers an area of 328 hectares), and is surrounded by calanques, woods and cliffs.

What to see, what to visit: the castle of Esparron with its 10th century tower; its narrow streets and ancient stone houses; the eco-museum 'La vie d’antan' (life in the old days); the botanical trail.

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