La Verdière

At 5.5 km from Varages, 12 km from Quinson, 18 km from Vinon sur Verdon, 23 km from Rians
Altitude : 430 m
Population: 1400

La Verdière was built at the foot of the castle, a listed historical monument dating from the 10th century. From the top of the hill, the panorama is magnificent and embraces the whole region: Mont-Ventoux, Sainte-Baume, Sainte Victoire, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie... The village has character and is full of beautiful old houses and fountains. The church of the Assumption (also classified as a historical monument), the aqueduct also dating from the 10th century are worth a visit. To see, to visit : chapel Saint Roch XVe, aqueduct, hamlet of Mourotte (GR99 to the Gorges of Verdon for courageous walkers. Recommended activities: tennis, swimming pool, hiking and mountain biking.

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