7 km from la Motte, 8 km from Callas, 10 km from Ampus, 11 km from Muy, 15 km from Tourtour, 19 km from Salernes, 21 km from Aups, 26 km from Trigance, 36 km from Castellane
Altitude : 200 m
Population: 36648

Draguignan, a town located in a landscape of hills and vineyards, preserved from the sudden gusts of the mistral by the Malmont which rises to 551 m above sea level. It has a privileged location, between the Mediterranean and Verdon on the edge of Haut-Var. Headquarters of the Var prefecture from 1800 to 1974; it proclaimed itself "Capital of artillery" and "Porte du Verdon".

To see, to visit: The Artillery Museum. The American Cemetery of the Second World War with its 861 graves. The “Pierre de la Fée” Dolmen (weighing 40 tons, spreads out its 6 m long on 3 raised stones of more than 2 m). The Clock Tower (fortified building dating from the 17th century). The Villa Saint Hermentaire (discovered in the 19th century, it was initially taken for a school of gladiators). The Dragon Castle. The Church of Our Lady of the People (16th century).
Recommended activities: hiking, nature walks, donkey rides, fishing, etc.

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