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3,5 km from Lagarde Paréol, 5 km from Saintes Cécile les Vignes, 8 km from Bollène, 11 km from Camaret sur Aigues, Piolenc, Travaillan, 12 km from Cairanne

Altitude : 130 m
Population : 1253

Set between the Rhône and the Ventoux, at the southern extremity of Drôme Provençale. Rochegude is a typical Provençal village, perched atop a rock 130m above sea level. It dominates the plain below and offers unique panoramic views over its vineyards. Rochegude is famed for its numerous wine cellars where you can taste the different varieties available.
This is everything Provence is loved for: from the long alley, bordered by plane trees, to the two covered wash houses, the big stone fountain... On the castle square there is a belvedere terrace, with magnificent views over the village's ancient rooftops, mixture of greys, pinks and browns.

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What to see, what to visit : the fortified Romanesque chapel of Notre Dame-des-Aubagnans, crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary; the twelfth-century Romanesque chapel of Saint Denis, at the village cemetery.
Available activities : walking and cycling circuits, mountain biking.
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