4 km from Lagarde Paréol, 5 km from Cairanne, 7 km from Tulette, from Suze la Rousse, from Travaillan, 10 km Uchaux, 11 km from Rasteau, 12 km from Violès
Altitude : 130 m
Population: 2251

A small picturesque village in the Provence des Papes area, at the confines of Vaucluse and the Drôme. Surrounded by hectares of vines, the roads leading to the village are lined with wine domains. 10% of the total production of Côtes du Rhône wines is vinified on the commune of Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes.

What to see, what to visit : the remains of the village's ramparts with a fourteenth century clock tower, the church of Sainte-Cécile, built in the twelfth century and refurbished during the eighteenth century, the house of Cardinal Cécilius (now the town library), the cooperative cellar, vineyard domains.
Available activities :
fishing, walks.

Favorite :