3 km from Forcalquier, 12 km from Volx, 20 km from Manosque
Altitude : 386 m
Population: 1329

Located in the heart of the country of Forcalquier, Mane is surrounded by magnificent cultivated and colorful landscapes. While visiting the village, you will see the baroque facade of the Saint André church, the Miravail mansion, its ramparts, its houses built with Mane stone ...

To see, to visit: 15th and 17th century Sainte-André church, 31m bell tower, 13th century Penitents' chapel, 16th and 18th century Miravail hotel, Notre Dame de Salagon priory, 18th century Sauvan castle (visits open to the public)..
Recommended activities: hiking, mountain biking, pétanque.

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