3.5 km from Orsan, 7 km from Bagnols-sur-Cèze, 9.5 km from Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres
Altitude : 66 m
Population: 5 472

On the banks of the Rhône, with the rivers Cèze and La Tave flowing through it, Laudun is built on the side of a hill, commanding superb views over the valley. Famed for its AOC wine, Laudun also harbours many architectural riches: the acqueduct of Balouvière, the 18 hectares of the Camp de César (Caesar's camp - remains of a Roman village which was inhabited for over a thousand years), the Gothic church of Notre-Dame la Neuve, which succeeded the Romanesque church of Saint-Geniès. Nature lovers will enjoy walks on the trails and visiting the local vineyards.

What to see, what to visit: L'aven d’Orgnac, Uzès, Nîmes, the Pont du Gard.
Recommended activities: Walking, swimming, mountain biking.

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