La Couronne

2 km from Carro, 6 km from Sausset les Pins, 11 km from Carry le Rouet
Altitude : 12 m

A small peaceful seaside resort of the Côte Bleue, La Couronne forms part of the commune of Martigues. It offers several sandy beaches: Verdon (the widest, it is set in a beautiful semi circle), Couronne vieille (where you can go scuba diving), la Saulce and Sainte-Croix. La Couronne is also renowned for its red and white lighthouse, erected in 1959 and 35 metre-high. Its red light beam guides the ships to safety and it can be visited, once a week, during the months of July and August.

What to see, what to visit: the light house, the beaches.
Recommended activities: swimming, scuba diving, nautical sports and activities, walking circuits.

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