5 km from Bédoin, 9 km from Mormoiron, 18 km from Carpentras, 25 km from Sault
Altitude : 435 m
Population: 341

Flassan is a small and pleasant village nestling at the foot of the Mont Ventoux, which shields it from the Mistral and ensures its pleasant climate. The warm shades of the ochre façades of the village houses give it a truly special and seductive feel. Flassan is the starting or finishing point of a great many circuits and itineraries for walkers and mountain bikers, with notably the "sentiers de Grande Randonnée" GR 91, GR 164 passing through here…

What to see, what to visit: the Romanesque church of Notre-Dame.
Recommended activities: walks and mountain biking; the botanical trail.

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