2 km from Bénivay-Ollon, 3 km from Propiac-les-Bains, 5 km from la Penne-sur-l'Ouvèze, 6 km from Pierrelongue, 7 km from Mérindol-les-Oliviers, Mollans-sur-Ouvèze, 9 km from Faucon, Sainte-Jalle
Altitude : 634 m
Population: 152

A small village set high up in a natural cirque, made up of four hamlets and part of the canton of Buis-les-Baronnies. Beauvoisin is an ideal place for anyone who loves nature and peace

What to see, what to visit: 19th century church, the remains of the circular tower and of the walls of the ancient medieval castle, fortified during the 16th century, caves.
Recommended activities: Walks, numerous paths and trails, paragliding, rock climbing, swimming, fishing.

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