4 km from Tavernes, 7 km from Varages, 11 km from Fox-Amphoux, Bras, 12 km from Montmeyan, La Verdière, 16 km from Cotignac, 18 km from Brignoles
Altitude : 264 m
Population: 2414

Medieval village built on a plumb hill, surrounded by forests of holm oaks and dominated by its old castle. Located in Provence Verte, in Provencal one says "Barre-Jouls" (pretty hills), also nicknamed "Tivoli of Provence", by the presence of its many fountains (no less than 30 in total) and of several old wash houses. The omnipresence of water is constant there, by its water wheel, its waterfalls, its rivers: the salt water river, the crayfish river and the argens river. You can appreciate the beauty of its surroundings on walks and hikes, lavender fields, vineyards, olive trees and wild and aromatic scrubland meadows are waiting for you.

What to see and visit: Notre Dame de l'Assomption church founded in 1014, Earthenware museum, Saint Estève castle (tasting of wines from the Var hills), Varageoise olive oil cooperative.
Recommended activity: Hiking, horseback riding with the "Ecuries des Tremes"; walk in the Massif des Maures.

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