7 km from Aramon and Boulbon, 10 km from Avignon
Altitude : 40 m
Population: 3861

At the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Durance, and the confines of three départements, Barbentane is notably famed for its 28m-high tower. The tour Anglica dates back to the episcopal castle around which the village was originally developed. You can also visit the 12th century Romanesque church and the 17th century castle of Barbentane, property of the Marquis de Barbentane. The surrounding nature is also beautiful here, with the Montagnette offering numerous trails, ideal for walks and mountain bike itineraries.
What to see, what to visit: Saint Michel de Frigolet (a monastery belonging to the Order of the Prémontés) and its surrounding forests of pines, Nîmes, Tarascon, Arles, Avignon, Saint Rémy de Provence.
Recommended activities: horse riding and walks, mountain biking, cyclo-touring.

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