place of aramon

7 km from Barbentane, 10 km from Tarascon, 20 km from Avignon

Altitude: 30 m
Population: 3970

Set on the banks of the river Rhône, Aramon was once a bustling port, especially back in the 17th century, when the village became particularly prosperous. The numerous beautiful town houses with their extraordinary façades and ancient doors are testimony to this heritage. The splendid grounds of the castle, which belonged to Diane de Poitiers, can be visited. A stroll through the hills above Aramon is highly recommended, and affords superb panoramic views over the Mont Ventoux, Avignon, the Montagnette de Barbentane, Saint-Michel de Frigolet…

fountain of aramon   village of aramon
castle of aramon   tower of aramon

What to see, what to visit: the Montagnette (celebrated by the authors Alphonse Daudet and Frédéric Mistral), the monastery of Saint-Michel de Frigolet, Tarascon, Avignon and the Popes' Palace, Villeneuve les Avignon, Arles.
Recommended activities:
Walking (the GR 42 trail passes through Aramon), mountain biking, swimming and canoeing on the river Gardon.

church of aramon   monument of aramon


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