3 km from Condorcet, 5 km from Curnier, Valouse, 8 km from Aubres, Villeperdrix, 10 km from Montréal les Sources, 13 km from Nyons, 19 km from Valréas
Altitude : 418 m
Population: 229

A small ancient village of the Drôme Provençale, at the foot of the Montagne d'Angèle (1,606 m), with the streams of Le Bentrix (14 km) and of Les Trente Pas flowing through it. As you leave the village heading for Bouvières, you will arrive at the famed Gorges de Trente Pas. The village's church holds a lot of riches, such as the altar-piece, depicting the martyrdom of Saint-Ferréol, a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary carved out of gilded wood, a traditionalist and naïve depiction of the Stations of the Cross (images d'Epinal)… Truly unmissable!

What to see, what to visit: the ancient feudal castle transformed into a farm, a rustic church with a double bell tower, the Gorges de Trente-Pas (450m).
Recommended activities: fishing, walking, swimming

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