6 km from Venelles, 9 km from Jouques, 9,5 km from Pertuis, 14 km from Aix-en-Provence
Altitude : 53 m
Population: 10884

Medieval village, Meyrargues knew how to preserve in the heart of its “old village” the charm of the Provençal villages. Dominated by its magnificent castle now converted into a hotel, the city is full of vestiges of its past: door, Roman aqueduct, chapel of the Mère Dieu Chapel of Saint Claude, Saint André church, Peter's column… Meyrargues is an excellent starting point to visit the surroundings: Luberon, the Verdon, the Aix region, Marseille.

To see, to visit: 9th or 10th century Meyrargues castle, Saint-Sébastien chapel, "Mother of God" chapel, Roman ruins of the aqueduct.
Recommended activities: hiking, mountain biking, fishing, water sports in the Mediterranean ...

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