38 km from Avignon, 6 km from Joucas, 5.5 km from Roussillon
Altitude : 373 m
Population: 2127

The area is famed for its 'bories', buildings of dry flat stones made without mortar. The origins of the bories can be traced back to the Bronze Age, but they continued to be built into the eighteenth century.

What to see and visit: Gordes castle (medieval and Renaissance) houses the Musée Pol Mara, exhibiting work by a contemporary Flemish painter. The Village des Bories is home to sheep pens, wine vats and more, set among narrow streets and ancient fortifications; the Sénanque abbey (1148); the Église Saint-Firmin (1704); the museum of the Moulin des Bouillons, a historic monument featuring olive-oil mills dating from the first to the sixteenth centuries.
Recommended activities: walking, mountain bike routes, hot air balloon rides.

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