L'Archipel du Frioul

4 km from Marseille
Altitude : 86 à 89 m
Population: 200

The Archipel du Frioul (the Frioul archipelago) is made up of three main islands, namely Ratonneau and Pomègues (linked by a mole constructed in 1822, and on which is Port Frioul) and If. A 20-minute boat trip from the old harbour (le Vieux Port) of Marseille, they offer calanques, beaches and limestone plateaux. A true haven of peace, they are famous with divers, and it is always a true pleasure to while away the hours watching the sailing boats or enjoying a refreshing swim in one of Frioul's many beautiful creeks.

What to see, what to visit:: The Château d'If, on its limestone isle, was built by King François the first to protect the city from invaders, and was turned into a prison very soon after it was finished. It has now passed into history, thanks to the characters created by Alexandre Dumas, the Count of Monte Cristo and Abbott Faria…
Suggested activities: swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling...

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