9 km from Gréoux-les-bains, 12 km from Manosque, 14 km from Rians, 15 km from Esparron-de-Verdon
Altitude : 280 m
Population: 3800

An attractive small Provençal village, Vinon-sur-Verdon used to be a stage of the transhumance, and was also at the centre of the revolt of the 'mulets de sel', in 1708. This was when the peasants revolted and laid siege to the tax collectors (the gabelous) who sought refuge in the inn. Aided by the local population and the consuls, the peasants maintained the siege for several days before being dispersed by the King's army, with the ringleaders sentenced to the galleys…

What to see, what to visit : the gorges du Verdon and its natural park, the lakes of Sainte-Croix and Esparron, Moustiers Sainte-Marie.
Available activities : Walking and horse riding, mountain biking, swimming, canoeing and rafting, caving, gliding club.

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