chapel of sanilhac sagriès

5 km from Collias, 7.5 km from Uzès

Altitude: 127 m
Population: 875

Built in the early 12th century around a castle and surrounded by ramparts, Sanilhac was protected by three towers, only one of which, 'la Tourasse', is still standing. Sagriès, some three kilometres away, was linked with Sanilhac in 1814. From the villages, walkers can choose a number of circuits, one of which leads through the gorges de Gardon to the site of La Baume and its Romanesque chapel. It is essential to be equipped with a torch, as the trail takes you through a 150 metre-long cave, which was used as a dwelling during the Palaeolithic era.

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What to see, what to visit: Uzès, Nîmes, the Pont du Gard, the Bambouseraie of Anduze.
Recommended activities: walks, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, via ferrata…    

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