4 km from Buisson, Séguret, 6 km from Vaison la Romaine, 9 km from Cairanne, 10 km from Visan, 16 km from Valréas
Altitude : 267 m
Population: 619

A delightful terraced village, clinging to the side of a hill, Roaix is dominated by its castle and church. It owes its existence to a Templars' Commandery, the chapel of which still stands today. A small river, the Ouvèze, runs through it and it is famed for the quality of its wines, with vines occupying over 85% of the village's crops.

To see, to visit : the ancient commandery (remanipulated until the seventeenth century), the parish church of l'Assomption (rebuilt in 1736), the chapel of the Templars (former parish church).
Recommended activities : walking circuits, river swimming.

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