6 km from Bevon, 8 km from Noyers sur Jabron, 11 km from Sisteron, 12 km from Thèze, 13 km from Lazer
Altitude : 519 m
Population: 692

Ribiers lies along the River Buëch, alongside the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The countryside around Ribiers is entirely unspoilt, making outdoor activities extremely popular in the area. Benefiting from a good deal of sunshine, Ribiers is surrounded by orchards that produce an abundance of fruit every year, as diverse as it is mouth-watering – from pears (Louise-Bonne, Williams or Passe-Crassane) to apples (Reinette, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith) and peaches (Lisbeth, Mireille or Suncrest).

What to see and visit: the twelfth-century Église de l'Assomption features a Romanesque white stone entrance, sculpted lintel and a beautiful steeple, with a thirteenth-century base and heavily decorated fourteenth-century arch, some of which still stands; a small fifteenth-century gateway; the ruins of the thirteenth-century Abbaye de Clarescombes; the Saint-Roch oratory; the stone fountain commemorating the French Republic; sixteenth-century houses featuring unique decorated arches.
Recommended activities: horse riding, rock climbing, fishing, paragliding, walking routes.

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