montbrun les bains, villages, drôme provençale
27 km from Buis les Baronnies, 7,5 km from Aurel, 12 km from Sault, 15 km from Séderon

Altitude : 608
Nombre d'habitants : 434

A hillside village facing Mont Ventoux in Drôme Provençale, Montbrun-les-Bains is famed for its springs and revitalising health spas. The narrow stone houses that make up the village were built so close together that there was little space inside – as a result, many of them extend upwards dramatically. Famed for its lavender, the area around Montbrun offers a rich network of walking trails.
castel, montbrun les bains
ruelle, montbrun, drôme
clocher, montbrun les bains
What to see and visit: the medieval village and its cobbled streets; the thirteenth-century belfry; the twelfth-century castle; the fourteenth-century castle, formerly the home of Dupuy-Montbrun family.
Recommended activities: spas, walking, horse riding, mountain biking, hang gliding, canyoning, rock climbing.
clocher, montbrun les bains
vue panoramique montbrun les bains


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