17 km from Sisteron
Altitude : 573 m
Population: 3372

The village of Larange benefits from an excellent climate that is at once Mediterranean and Alpine. With the River Buëch runs through its centre, the Montagne de Chabre overlooks the village, while a nearby plateau is home to the ancient hamlet of Le quartier d'Arzeliers. A pleasant and peaceful village, Laragne itself boasts a number of shops and many terraced cafés – perfect for whiling away time. The village’s market takes place every Thursday, and has been held every week since the seventeenth century... With many independent artisans scattered throughout the village, visitors are sure to enjoy wandering through Laragne’s beautiful narrow streets.

What to see and visit: the seventeenth-century Château de Laragne and gate; the fifteenth-century inn; the ruins of the imposing castle in the fortified hamlet of Les Arzeliers, which features round towers and ramparts dating back to the twelfth century; the Église Saint-Martin-de-Tours, built in the seventeenth century and restored in the nineteenth; seventeenth-century Église Sainte-Marguerite, also restored in the nineteenth century; the nineteenth-century church in Les Arzeliers.
Recommended activities: air sports, walking, horse riding, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, water sports.

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