20 km from Avignon, 7 km from Fontaine de Vaucluse , 13 km from Pernes les Fontaines
Altitude : 50 m
Population: 21000

The small town of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue lies between Avignon and Fontaine de Vaucluse in the Luberon valley. Covered in trees and plants, the River Sorgue runs through its centre, and its network of canals has seen it nicknamed ‘the Venice of the Comtat Venaissin’. Crossed by narrow bridges and moss-covered mill wheels, the canals surround and run right through the town, which was built on pilotis over the course of the twelfth century. Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is known as one of the best sources of antiques and art in Provence. Famous for its four-hundred antique dealers, it plays host to a famous bric-a-brac market every Sunday throughout the year. The town’s antique shops are open at weekends, on Mondays and bank holidays.   

What to see and visit: The Église Notre-Dame des Anges; the Antique Doll Museum; the Museum of Schools of Yesteryear; art galleries; exhibitions; festivals, the eighteenth-century Hôtel Donadei de Campredon, which has exhibited work by painters such as Miro, Manguin and Dufy since 1984. Guided tours of the town take place once a week, from June to September.
Recommended activities: Mountain biking, canoeing, horse riding, hiking, tennis, golf, swimming, fishing, walking.

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