4 km from Le Val, 9 km from Garéoult, 10 km from Montfort sur Argens, 11 km from Châteauvert, 12 km from Rocbaron, 14 km from Bras
Altitude : 220 m
Population: 12487

Brignoles, an economic crossroads since the Middle Ages. The counts of Provence founded their palaces there in the 12th century. There is still a museum there with a 3rd century sarcophagus (Gayole sarcophagus), Christian altars from the 4th and 6th centuries. Famous for its plums called "Brinoniae" or "pistole" because of their shape and color, they were very famous throughout the kingdom of France and Navarre. The delight of kings and peasants until the end of the 16th century. Nowadays, labeled Country of Art and History and capital of Center-Var is the most populous city of Green Provence.

What to see, what to visit: The Brignolais Country Museum located in the Palace of the Counts of Provence. The Gayole sarcophagus (3rd century). The Church of Saint-Sauveur (1012-1550). The Augustinian chapel. Our Lady of Hope. The Adrets dolmen dating from the Chalcolithic and restored in the 1980s. The mural at the bus station illustrating the old town.
Recommended activities: Barbaroux golf course, ranked among the forty best European courses.

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