4 km from Réauville, 6 km from Granges-Gontardes, 7 km from Montjoyer, 9 km from Grignan, 10 km from Espeluche
Altitude : 168 m
Population: 521

A village set high atop a hill, attractively restored and refurbished, Valaurie is well protected from the Mistral wind. Whilst now the medieval castle is in ruins, the ramparts and their lookout towers, are still standing. The church Saint-Martin, set apart from the actual village, is an attractive Romanesque building, erected over the course of the eleventh and twelfth century.

What to see, what to visit : the remains of the castle, the church Saint-Martin (eleventh and twelfth century), clock tower - entrance (fifteenth century), the mill, the wash house.
Recommended activities :
walks and horse riding, clay pigeon shooting.

Favorite :