14 km from Forcalquier, 5 km from Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues
Altitude : 613 m
Population: 279

A small village nestling at the foot of the Montagne de Lure, the commune of Ongles is made up of eight hamlets: les Verdets, les Granges, les Valettes, le Rocher d'Ongles, les Rouvières, Saint-Sargues, Bouiron and les Ganas. Ongles is the commune’s chef-lieu, and was originally a small hamlet known as ‘La Fontaine’. The Rocher d’Ongles (‘Ongles Rock’), above the Laye valley, is one of the symbols of Haute Provence.

What to see and visit: the Église Notre-Dame (1841); the ancient chapel of the castle, built into the castle's staircase; the twelfth-century ruins of the Église Notre-Dame d'Ongles, featuring, flat Romanesque apse and two oratories; the ruins of Vière, the site of an early village; the Rocher d'Ongles.
Recommended activities: walking and horse riding.

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