Moustiers Sainte Marie

village of moustiers sainte marie

10 km from Salles-sur-Verdon, Aiguines, 11 from de Riez, 14 km from Bauduen, 18 km from Allemagne en Provence, 21 km from Trigance, 25 km from Castellane, 26 km from Aups

GPS: Longitude: 6.220000 E - Latitude: 43.846390
Altitude: 631 m
Population: 635

A village lying at the foot of a cliff that overlooks the Lac de Sainte Croix at the mouth of the Verdon canyon, Moustiers Sainte Marie is internationally renowned for the faïence – traditional pottery – produced in the area.

village of moustiers sainte marie
What to see and visit: faïence workshops; the church; the Romanesque twelfth-century Chapelle Notre-Dame de Beauvoir – with a golden star hanging from a 227-metre chain above it, this used to be one of the area’s Stations of the Cross.
lake of sainte croix


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